We support innovators who are developing more resilient food systems.

We support innovators who are developing more resilient food systems.

We partner with entrepreneurs in food and agriculture who are solving some of the biggest food challenges on the planet. Through a disciplined and pragmatic approach, we source the most impactful companies and help them grow.

Areas of Focus

Addressing the food chain one bite at a time, we are currently prioritizing advancements in these three categories.


E.g. Olombria is addressing the bee shortage by encouraging flies to be the ultimate crop pollinators.

Low Carbon

E.g. Ÿnsect is transforming the food chain by turning insects into premium, high-value ingredients. 


E.g. Aqua-Spark is taking pressure off our oceans by investing in innovative aquaculture companies.
Tashia Tucker
Founder, Olombria
“Driving Impact has been an incredible investor. They have shown a genuine interest and care for our company, providing mentoring, fundraising support, developing partnerships, and scaling our team.”

From seed to spoon.

Building resilient food systems from seed to spoon means less emissions, more biodiversity, and higher quality.
Inputs, Seeds, and Biologics
Processing and Transformation
Transport and Storage
Retail and Provisioning
Food Consumption

Let’s partner.

We help companies across their full life cycle, from startup to maturity, in The United States, Europe, and Israel.
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